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What are gallstones?

What are gallstones?The gallbladder, located in the abdominal region just below the liver, is a small pear-shaped organ. Stones can form in the gallbladder for various reasons, which stores bile produced by the liver.

The exact cause of the formation of gallstones is unknown. As a reason for the formation of gallstones; It is shown that bile cannot be emptied correctly with too much cholesterol or bilirubin in the bile.
The mechanism of formation of gallstones occurs as follows. Bile is secreted from the liver in the form of milk to the consistency of egg white, while its balance is disturbed, and just as the balance in a flour soup or custard mixture is disturbed, clumping or sludging occurs. After that, petrification also occurs.
In fact, the condition described as mud has a length of 2 mm. are small stones from ’ Then the stone begins to grow as additions, such as a snowball stuck on this lump that is formed. Gallstones can occur more in some people.

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