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What is a Flea Bite?

What is a Flea Bite?Learn more about Flea Bite

Fleas are a type of parasite that feeds on blood, does not have wings. They have very small heads compared to their bodies. Their body structure is oval. Their length, on the other hand, varies between 2-8 Decimeters. Since the 6-legged fleas are very strong, especially the back two legs, they can reach long distances in a single jump. Their color is light-dark brown or close to black. 
More than 2,500 varieties of fleas live around the world. Fleas often feed on the blood of animals such as cats, dogs and people. The 3 main flea species that live in humans are the cat flea (Ctenocephalides Felis), the dog flea ( Ctenocephalides Canis) and the human flea (Pulex Irritans). Flea bites are small, red bumps that fleas that feed on human blood create on the skin.
How About a Flea Bite?
Although it is not easy to distinguish a flea bite from a bedbug or some other insect bites, there are some distinctive features. The image of a flea bite is in the form of a small, reddish swelling with a halo around it. In the area where the flea bites, a much smaller swelling occurs compared to the swelling that occurs during a mosquito bite. The most distinctive feature of bites is that they are on a straight line or clustered. Another distinguishing point is the place of the bite. Fleas often bite your feet, ankles.
Fleas can easily open the flea bite mark with their jaws, which have the characteristics of a saw. After the cut, they release oral fluids with a special substance in them to ensure that bleeding continues to the injured area. The human body reacts to the flea's oral fluid and transmits a chemical called histamine to that area. Histamine, on the other hand, causes swelling and itching in the bites.
How Does a Flea Bite Go Away?
The flea bite usually goes away on its own, without the need to do anything. If this healing process is uncomfortable, the use of medication may also be preferred. One of the drugs that can be used to relieve symptoms is antihistamine drugs. The most commonly used method for flea bites are antihistamines. Tablet, syrup or pomade forms of these drugs may be preferred. Another treatment method is topical corticosteroids, which are used to reduce redness and reaction. 
What Is Good for Flea Bite Itching?
The most common and annoying problem among flea bite Decays is itching. But it is very important not to itch after flea bites. Because flea bites can lead to an effective infection when they itch. Natural methods may be preferred if the use of medication against flea itching is not preferred or in cases where you cannot reach your doctor. If you think that you have been bitten by fleas, first wash these areas with soap and water and choose the one that suits you from the following methods:
* Cold compresses are the first of the methods to prevent itching. Itching can be relieved if you soak a clean cloth with cold water and then hold it over the bitten areas. Jul.
• You can reduce itching by applying honey to your itchy areas.
* The substances contained in chamomile tea can also be effective in relieving itching.
* The gel-like liquid contained in the aloe vera plant can relieve itching. Brew chamomile tea, which is sold in cloth bags, squeeze the water, and then refrigerate until it cools down. After cooling, you can apply the probe to the itchy areas. 
What Are the Symptoms of Flea Bites?
If no infection or allergy conditions have developed, most of the time flea bites are simple and mild symptoms. These symptoms can be listed as follows: 
• Itch,
* Slight swelling around the bite,
* Reddish bite marks with halo around,
* Irritation on the skin.
If an allergic reaction has developed, it should definitely not be neglected and the nearest health facility should be visited quickly. Among the symptoms of flea bite allergy are the following Decays:
* Shortness of breath,
• Nausea,
* Swelling of the mouth, lips and tongue,
* Pain in the chest area,
• Dizziness.
The symptoms of the infection condition caused by the transmission of a disease in fleas to humans are as follows:
* Red image,
• Dizziness,
* Fever rise,
• Nausea,
• Fatigue,
* Swelling of the lymph nodes,
• Pain.
How Many Days Does a Flea Bite Go Away?
The flea bite goes away in a few days. In the event of an infection-like situation, this period may be prolonged.
You Can Get Rid of Fleas
The transmission of fleas to humans is mainly through domestic animals. Therefore, you can prevent the problems that you may experience due to flea bites by protecting your pets. In this regard, first of all, you should take the necessary controls and precautions by regularly taking your animals, such as cats and dogs, to your veterinarian. You can also do flea control of your pets yourself at home.
The most practical way to do this is to carefully examine the area around the ears of your pets. During this check, you can see the flea itself, as well as traces of feces in the form of small black dots, which may also attract your attention.
After taking care of your pets' fleas, the last step is to clean your house from fleas. The first step is to sweep your house at frequent intervals and empty the garbage bin of your broom outside the house. If you can not cope with cleaning, you can choose the method of spraying your home.

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