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Why Does Sensitivity Occur in Teeth?

Why Does Sensitivity Occur in Teeth?	Tooth sensitivity is a fairly common problem.

Problems with the teeth arise in the continuation. This problem is usually observed in the December of 20-50 years. These sensitivities can begin in the “dent” part located on the inside of the tooth. In cases where dentin manifests itself, it will cause sensitivity in the tooth when ingested from outside (for example, cold water). This is also seen as a condition that makes patients quite uncomfortable.
Another important reason is that the gums are pulled out. Due to the pulling of the gums, the sensitive nerves located at the roots of the tooth come to the surface of the day, and the protective layer of the tooth is damaged, making the mouth open to external factors. For this reason, drinks or foods that make you feel extremely hot and cold are more felt and painful.

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