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Tips for ankle health

Tips for ankle healthOur ankles are one of the joints where our body weight is felt the most in daily life.

Some routine movements in our daily life, such as walking and climbing stairs, can cause wrist sprains by damaging connective tissues, muscles and tendons. For this reason, ankle sprains, ligament injuries, ankle fractures, Achilles tendon injuries are more common especially in young and middle-aged people who play sports. We have prepared 7 tips for your ankle health.
1- No matter what sport it is, do not start sports without warming up.
2- Do regular stretching and strengthening exercises to keep your muscles in shape.
3- Choose shoes that are suitable for your foot structure and the sport you are doing.
4- If you are a frequent walker or jogger, check the soles of your shoes frequently for wear and change your shoes if necessary.
5- Avoid movements such as jumping and running on places and floors that you have not experienced before, and be careful.
6- If you have had a previous injury such as an ankle sprain, use a bandage and ankle brace or splint to avoid recurrence.

7- Do not walk with your hands in your pockets to avoid falling in rainy, snowy and icy weather.

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